Welkom bij HaticeOzyurt.nl – the Turkish Delight


… Integer. Straight forward. A true top athlete. But also just Hatice. Daughter and sister.

During the day she is a full time manager in retail, but she dreams of a life where she can fully focus on her passion: sports. And already she’s a big name in sports: many may know her as “The Turkish Delight”.


To live up to her title she endures a hard training schedule with Ali Gunyar in Eindhoven and with Loek van de Bos at Zwolle. Hatice is more than well trained in kickboxing, MMA and boxing techniques. Her support in everything Hatice does, is Jorina Baars –  like Hatice a big name in the world of kickboxing.


But it’s not just the physical training that’s hard. Hatice is mentally coached by mental coach Hilda Clevering. Hilda makes sure that Hatice is razor sharp for every match.


On Haticeozyurt.nl Hatice gives her fans a peek in to her life, successes and the training.


Want to know more? You can also follow her at her Facebook fanpage.