youre support helps

Hello friends.

I am proud of all the support I have received from you the last time. Delighted I am with you. Thank you!

My choices for me to focus on MMA was not that easy. I was ready for a change and new challenges. Now I have found it in MMA and i will fight soon again!!

Ush Hatice

The latest news

Hello friends.

I’m in Las Vegas and‘m training with the absolute best!

I am proud that I can say now that I‘m going to concentrate on MMA and that my career as a professional wants to dedicate to this!

Train hard, learn a lot and I will manifest even better as I did.

With your support, I will definitely get there!

Ush Hatice

De coming months

Hi you all!

The coming month’s we get exiting months.

There are new matches on the program and a verry important one. i can not tell you guys what and how, but verry soon i will!

As it is i have the coming few month’s 3 matches in Holland and somewere in the world

I am greatfull for all the support i get of my frend, fans and of course my sponsor, Indiv Solutions, and my main sponsor, BCIP-trainingen.

You hear soon more news from me!





a new week

Good morning fight fans!

the weekend is over and we go back just to work, work and train. I wish you a nice week!




Happy with you guys

Hello all.

My opponent has pulled back and there was no world title fight which we have trained so hard for. All very annoying but I am despite being so proud of you! My family, friends, knowledge, fans, coaches, sponsors, everyone was there, and that gives me the courage to go on to the next fight!

Thank you for all the support!

I’m going to train hard for the new challenges to come!

I’ll keep you posted


22 Februari my fight

22 Februari my fight

I am training really hard for my match on the 22th of February. I will fight like never before and try to get the belt and call myself world champion!

Did you guys already buy a ticket for the evening? I hoe toe see you there when i am fighting!

until then, i am busy with training, food and rest!

see you!


ready for 22 febr

ready for 22 febr

Training again at Flex Health Club

Training again at Flex Health Club
Ready to give and take training at Flex Health Club Emmen & I am going to train with a mask again (cardio). Verry  heavy but afterwards it feels GOOD and PROUD !!
It ’s not always the easy way
its me

Meet and greet with me!

Next Saturday i am in Utrecht Holland as a guest with Joya Fight Gear !

Joya Sports has a new shop and ill be there for you guys from 1500 hour untill 1600 hour!

So my dear frends, if you live in the area of Utrecht or you can make the time, come and lets meet!

The adress
Amsterdamsestraatweg 383 in Utrecht

see you there!!

Joya Hatice BCIP



World title fight anainst Sheree Halliday

I will go for it, The World Title, yess!

Sheree Halliday is her name, a lady who i challenged for the title, so i can perform in front of you guys! A English lady with a lot of experience, en great deal of titels, a great fighter!   But, like somany people know me, I want to fight the best and proof I am the better one!

This fight will be in Steenwijk, a location called “de Meente” We will fight 5 round of 3 minutes Muay Thai rules, 5 rounds of 3 minutes, also with knee and elbows to the head!

I will do my greatest on februari 22 and with you’re support and love I will take the title an receive the world title and wear proud the belt.   The coming time I will fight, train, cry, be in pain an shout to reach my goal until I drop, but I am a woman on a mission! I will go for it.

My trainer Ali Gunyar will help me and he’s always saying, No Pain No glory!

I hope tot se you there and  hope to feel  youre love, help and support in Steenwijk.

I count on you!

Osu !!!

hatice vd sheree BCIP

Happy with my new site!

Yes yes yes! My site is online!

Greatfull to my websitesponsor Indiv Solutions 


From this date i will inform you of all the business what is playing around me, my trainers and my best frend Salaysa vd Bos.

Follow my site for the last updates!

I will post news!

Ush  Hatice