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BCIP-trainingen form Hoogeveen Holland is my main sponsor for the last 2 years. Its a trainingsagency for several companies all over Holland. the SEO is mr Dennis Coelingh


The company is started in 2007 as a headhunting agency and it wend also to a businessschool al over Holland with great succes.

With succes, our training and workshops conducted by various parties. Everyone has his own wish and team BCIP makes the package as comprehensive as possible.

Many companies and organizations use the services of BCIP training. Our customers are mainly in the local government, education, manufacturing, engineering, transport, justice, non-profit and business services.

Bureau Coelingh Interim Professionals (BCIP)
your partner in business!

We provide two services:
1 – Recruitment and
2 – Training and education in the broadest sense.

BCIP training has offices in Zwolle and Hoogeveen

Bureau Coelingh is known for its no-nonsense approach in the process. Our presentation, the products and services we offer are clear.

Our main values
The professionals within BCIP are honest, authentic, reliable and deliver quality and customization. We are human and result-oriented and driven by development, movement and change. We are bridge-builders and capable of normal proportions. Return seemingly irreconcilable contradictions We translate political / administrative, strategic goals in business activities and functional behavior. We commit policy, culture, resources and people. We are supporters pur sang, analytical and have great communication skills and are always looking for the question behind the question.

Our style is open , transparent and fair . Direct and respectful. Looking for some binds . We offer a fresh perspective of experienced professionals . For employees, we are always looking for their unique ( latent ) talent and discovering personal power . We are energetic, self-starting , support , customizable, integrated thinkers and doers . Through our empathy we add both management and employees value . We know where to convince and sending it where appropriate . In our process knowledge plays an important role. It’s caused by active listening , personal commitment , sincere attention ( based on interest ) and search for what moves people . That is our strength !
A large number of companies and organizations now use our services . Our customers are mainly in the local government , sheltered employment , water , UWV , housing corporations , healthcare , education, manufacturing , law , engineering, transportation , non-profit and business services. For individuals and entrepreneurs , we are a natural partner .

Our services
Besides recruitment came quickly whether we could also offer training and education and that we are going to do. Bureau Coelingh is a fast growing company and is now working together with a number of renowned experienced trainers, interim managers and management consultants. The services of BCIP is therefore greatly expanded with great success following services conducted by a growing number of parties. BCIP delivers customized. An overview of our services.

1.Head hunting
By listening to the needs of our customers we recruit well tailored and therefore only supply high quality candidates at an affordable rate. We supply staff with a university degree. We can take your recruitment process completely off your hands. We work on a No cure, no pay base. Bureau Coelingh Interim Professionals (BCIP) set itself as its candidates and clients professionally. Knowledge, experience, a strong network and many references are actually guarantees the best interim solution for your staffing problem. In the field of Recruitment is unusual, but BCIP goes with all its customers a No Cure, No Pay scheme! Simply because we have the same goal as you and we are only satisfied when we have reached: the perfect interim professional who solves your problems effectively.

Listen to your story and business needs , which is our strength . Sometimes you have the profile of the candidate ready , sometimes you need an objective opinion and knowledge , which also takes place at BCIP . When you know exactly what you want for a candidate , we’re going to work with the extensive job profile . Our long opening hours (weekdays daily from 08:00 to 21:00 and even on Saturdays from 10:00 to 16:00 ) to make it easier for our clients to work on a solution for their Human Resource Management problem effectively. BCIP is looking through her extensive network and various channels for the right candidate for the profile , keep application rounds, any assessments and makes a comprehensive profile based on the interviews and references obtained . The service does not stop at placement. The work of BCIP does not stop at the placement of the right interim professional on the right place . Here, too, we prove unique , but it is for us the most normal thing in the world .

We want to make sure that our clients and our candidates are satisfied (and remain) the procedure, the working situation and each other. Therefore, BCIP will keep to three months after placement and guidance contact with the interim professionals. In this way, any problems can be overcome before they arise and is feeling really acted ‘to be much stronger in the professionals. With a more effective, longer satisfied employment and as a result, our experience.

For general  HBO jobs such as accountancy, education, management, management, management etc, For jobs in education as teacher of Dutch, German etc For trainingen and courses within companies For complete scholing in middle and higher education training from Coelingh and Clevering

2.Individuele training – Toughness Training   – Employee Skills   – Communication

3.incompany trainingen, Be successful, it’s simple. Today it is difficult to be successful. Training can help to have what another has not. Just that bit extra in house Motivation, patience and persevere hear that as well. Belong to your career goals and persevere in it is difficult. – Communication – Collaborate – Conflict – Apply.

4.Education & courses
We supply from own file teachers and trainers in education (MBO) in various fields. The flexible deployment of teachers we are asked a lot to provide services. – Management & Leadership – Communication – Resilience Training.

We can supply various customized workshops – Cold acquisition – Dealing with objectives – Dealing with sickness – Demonstrations assertiveness.

6.Coaching of groups
We combine subject-specific coaching with coaching skills. Think of leadership profiling, presentation and communication skills and personal effectiveness.

7.Individuele coaching
In individual coaching focuses on attitudes and behavior (attitude), communication and social skills, self-esteem, assertiveness and values​​.

–   Dismissal Procedures, unemployment
– Reduction in absenteeism
– File Lining, how?

You can hire our professionals as a consultant , (policy) advisor , facilitator or specialist knowledge / experience expert . A fresh look of a professional from his years of experience in the field of coaching, training , management , policy development and policy advice in many aspect areas : public services , human resources , personnel , education , skills improvement, planning and control , audit , PDCA cycle , culture , communication , process management, risk management, INK management model , management , efficiency and effectiveness , organizational development , project management, quality management, telecommuting , change management and so on. We have extensive experience with improving the cooperation and internal and external communication and gaining insight into their own business processes and consistency from helicopter view . Informs you a look at the developed by our unique and field-proven concept Collaborate Plus ‘ . You can soundboards with us and reflect on various aspects of your business areas and continuous organizational.

10.Interim management
To absorb temporary capacity can find us as an interim (coaching) executives at lower or middle level hiring, for example, in the role of deputy director, department head, team leader, project manager, process manager, controller or auditor. Leading professionals fits well with us. The commitment of our interim professionals is temporary, but the result is durable.

11.Our professionals within BCIP Hoogeveen & Zwolle are now 26 active trainers and teachers. In addition, there are four people to work nationwide recruitment. Dennis Coelingh, owner, is active as a recruiter and trains running for a large number of

Our in-company activities may optionally in-house or place in Hoogeveen in our premises or in a rented by us or by the client location.

If you are interested in any of our services? Do you need specific expertise at attractive rates? Then consider Bureau Coelingh Interim Professionals (BCIP): your partner in business. We are happy to visit you to explain. Our method of

We want to relieve you and take recruitment out of your hands! Take the first step? Mail or call us!

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