Kickboxing and MMA


Hatice Ozyurt follows intensive training schedules for kickboxing and MMA-Fighting at Team Gunyar. Ali Gunyar prepairs her for the toughest matches to follow. Next, Ali is the confidant for Hatice.


Cardio and Fitness


For maximal endurance Hatice follows an intensive fitnessprogram at Flex Health Club in Emmen, where a top team of sport instructors is coaching her under the supervision of Idris Candir, “the man who completely wears me out in training”, as Hatice refers to him.


Boxing techniques


Hatice also trains regularly at Loekie’s Gym in Zwolle with Loek van den Bos.

He used to train at Kickboxing Arnhem under supervision of old world champion Fred Rooyers. After his period with Rooyers he switched to Het Hol van de Champs with Jan Plas in the Match Group from Meyiro Gym in Amsterdam. To conclude: Loek is a real champ helping Hatice in teaching her the inns and outs of professional boxing.