World title fight anainst Sheree Halliday

I will go for it, The World Title, yess!

Sheree Halliday is her name, a lady who i challenged for the title, so i can perform in front of you guys! A English lady with a lot of experience, en great deal of titels, a great fighter!   But, like somany people know me, I want to fight the best and proof I am the better one!

This fight will be in Steenwijk, a location called “de Meente” We will fight 5 round of 3 minutes Muay Thai rules, 5 rounds of 3 minutes, also with knee and elbows to the head!

I will do my greatest on februari 22 and with you’re support and love I will take the title an receive the world title and wear proud the belt.   The coming time I will fight, train, cry, be in pain an shout to reach my goal until I drop, but I am a woman on a mission! I will go for it.

My trainer Ali Gunyar will help me and he’s always saying, No Pain No glory!

I hope tot se you there and  hope to feel  youre love, help and support in Steenwijk.

I count on you!

Osu !!!

hatice vd sheree BCIP